Aug 27, 2020 / Cue Card / 3:02 am

time you did something that was a waste of time
old person you know and respect
dinner you had with a friend
long care journey you remember

indoor game you enjoyed playing as a child
change that can improve your local area
friend who is a good leader
time you felt surprised to meet a friend
person on the news you would like to meet
road trip you went on

time you enjoyed yourself in a group
skill you want to learn that is difficult
time you could not use your phone
old person you know and respect
time you felt bored when you were with other people
city you want to go back to visit

time someone apologized to you
program or app that is useful for you
important journey that was delayed
time you helped a relative
exciting event you attended

item you bought and had difficulty using the first time
skill you learned recently at work
dinner you attended
movie you would like to discuss with your friends
time you felt bored

time the weather changed your plans
place your would like to live in the future
skill that you were taught
recent purchase
place you often go to read or write

time you managed to achieve a goal
time you celebrated an achievement
public building that you would like to visit
skill that you recently learned
change you would like to see made in your local area

person in the news you want to meet in person
childhood toy
small but successful company that you know
goal that you set for yourself
job you would not like to do in the future
product made in your hometown

person who motivated you to achieve a goal
performance that you have been to
time when you wore a uniform
happiest day in your life
beautiful sky that you observed

time you received advice regarding a profession or field of study
event you recently attended
time that you took a long time to think of a gift idea
important conversation that you had
time you apologized to someone

situation where you didn’t tell a friend the truth
picture or photograph that you have hanging up in your home
time you offered to help a friend
colorful play that you visited
famous product from your region of your country

time when you used the internet to solve a problem
movie that you would recommend to your friends
time when you met someone again after a long time not seeing them
person you know who travels a lot by plane
something that technology has helped you to achieve