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Rewrite the jumbled phrases to make sentences with the correct word order.

1.named/Samantha/their first daughter/the couple stand/when he arrives/visitors/expects/His Excellency stay/a legal assistant/l wouldn’t like/for long
4.brought/to the team/Amanda/all her expertise
5.brought/the team/Amanda/all her expertise
6.has become/a very inexperienced salesman/the Sales Manager
7.into the box/ sparkling, diamond encrusted/he placed/18-carat gold ring/carefully wrapped/the
8.provided/all rubbish/please/in the bins/put
9.let/to/your parents/all-night parties/do/go/you/?
10.the grenade/removed/the paratrooper/the pin/from/carefully her daughter/the bracelet/bought/for her/Susan liked/it
12.all day long/their resistance/stand/the prisoners/they/to/made/reduce
13.of destruction/all sick/the scenes/us/made/in the film easy programme/trying/first/recommended/the trainer


1.The couple named their first daughter Samantha.
2.His Excellency expects visitors to stand when he arrives.
3.I wouldn’t like to stay a legal assistant for long.
4.Amanda brought all her expertise to the team.
5.Amanda brought the team all her expertise.
6.A very inexperienced salesman has become the Sales Manager.
7.He placed into the box the carefully wrapped, sparkling, diamond-encrusted 18-carat gold ring.
8.Please put all rubbish in the bins provided.
9.Do your parents let you go to all-night parties?
10.The paratrooper carefully removed the pin from the grenade./removed the pin from the grenade carefully.
11.Susan liked the bracelet so her daughter bought it for her.
12.They made the prisoners stand all day long to reduce their resistance.
13.The scenes of destruction in the film made us all sick.
14.The trainer recommended trying an easy programme first./ recommended first trying an easy program.