The charts below give information about levels of education in Glasgow, a city in Scotland, in 2010

Jan 01, 2020 / Academic / 10:13 am


The levels of education on the basis of age and gender in Glasgow, a Scottish city in 2010 are portrayed in the given charts.

It is clear from the charts that a major proportion of people in the city neither had a university degree nor a school certificate in the given year and this proportion was greater among women (38%) than men (35%). When divided by age, this share was the highest among the oldest group (72%). The age groups between 16 and 50 had three equal shares of 9% of such people, whereas the remaining group (50-75 age group) had a share of 30%.

Only 3% of people who were over 75 had a school certificate out of the 33% of the total population. The share of the other age groups ranged from 15 to 20%.

Out of an average 30% of university degree holders from both genders, the major proportions were from the age groups between 16 and 50 (71 to 76%). An equal percentage drop of 25% is seen in the subsequent age groups.

Overall, it is clear that majority of the Glasgow’s population either had a university degree or a school certificate in the given year.

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