Mar 22, 2019 / Academic / 2:30 am

A clear cut comparison of the yearly budgets of the USA and the Australia in the year 2017-18 is shown in the given pie diagrams.
It is clear that the sector of defence is given notable weightage  by both the counties in the period. In the USA, it was exactly half of the total budget, whereas in Australia, it was 20% lesser. America’s fund allocation was higher in the fields of education and tourism, when it spent about one-fourth and one-fifth of the total budget on these. The deficit was around 10% and 13% respectively in Australia’s.
A reverse pattern is seen in the case of the fund allocation pattern in transport, infrastructure and health. Around 16% was the disparity between the two countries’ annual budget in the first two areas, however, in case of the last, it was nearly 27%.
Overall, it is understood that the difference between the budget allocation was the narrowest in case of transport, whereas it was the widest in case of health in the given year.
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