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The differences in the proportion of population by age in Yemen and Italy in the year 2000 and its projection by 2050 are depicted in the given Pie-Charts.

As per the charts, in 2000, the youngest age group(0-14 years) constituted the lion’s share of Yemenis population, whereas in Italy,this was the older age group (15-59 years).The population of the youngest age group in Yemen is expected to shrink by 13.1% by 2050 from just over a half of the total population in 2000. In the case of the older age group (15-59 years), in Italy, this shrinkage is anticipated to be 2.3% more. A minor decline is also forecasted in the population of the youngest age group in Italy (2.8%).

However, the oldest age group(60+ years) is projected to increase its share in the Italian population by 18.2% from just under a quarter of its total population in 2000. Turning to Yemen, an incline is expected in both the older and the oldest age groups. This would range from 46.3 to 57.3 % in the case of the former group, whereas its would be between 3.6 and 5.1 % in the case of the latter group.

Overall, the pattern of population change in both the countries is expected to vary widely.

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