Jul 30, 2019 / Academic / 2:57 pm


Data regarding the super hero battle and the beverage preference among South Americans at cinema is depicted in the given pie charts.

Regarding the superhero battle, the Batman is the most favorite among the South Americans. When around 44% of South Americans adore him, around one-fifth of them like the Iron Man and exactly the same proportion shows their preference to the Captain America. The Superman has the least proportion of admirers (16%).

Turning to the beverage preference, cola is the most popular at cinema in South America. Exactly a quarter of the South American movie viewers at cinema like to have tea, which is 2% less than the cola lovers. Coffee is the next popular type of beverage and just over one-fifth of the South Americans like to have it at cinema. Water is the least preferred (11%) and other types collectively account for 15% preference among these natives.

Overall, it is clear that the Batman wins the heart of most South Americans, while their most favorite beverage at the cinema is cola.

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