The diagrams below show UK students’ responses to the question of to what extent would they describe themselves as financially organised.

Dec 19, 2019 / Academic / 5:29 pm


The ability of the UK students to manage their finances is represented in the given pie chart and the proportion of students by age who think they are very organised at managing their finances is charted one the table.

As shown in the pie chart, three in every four students are confident to say they are either ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ organised financially. When one in five say they are not very organised in this area, a negligible proportion(4%) rate themselves as ‘not at all organised’.

As shown in the table, of the 21% students who are very organised in managing finances, the older seems to be well- organised than their younger counterparts. The rate of students who are over 26, who are very organised in their financial affairs is almost twice than that of the proportion of students under 22(18%). Just over a quarter of students between 23 and 25 falls in this category.

Overall it is clear that, in general, the UK students can manage their finances well.

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