Jan 30, 2019 / Academic / 12:50 am

The price variations of the crude petroleum oil around the world from 1870 to 2010 are illustrated in the given line graph.
As can be seen from the graph, the price of crude petroleum per barrel varied throughout the period. In 1870, it was relatively high, with around $70 for a barrel. In the next 15 years, it surged by $12 before plunging to $20 by the end of that century. The price hovered around the same value till 1935 and slipped gradually to approximately $15 by 1955. In a decade, it gained the momentum and then the price of the crude oil hiked sharply to reach above $100 by 1985. The price variation became sharper then after, which was marked by an unexpected slump of around $80 dollars by 1995 and a huge leap of around $100 by the end of the period.
Overall, it is clear from the graph that the variation in the price was more prominent in the beginning and in the end of the given period.
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NOTE: In a graph, you are recommended to state the figures of variations, with clean comparisons and if it is a movement chart, it is mandatory to show the pattern of the change.