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The fluctuations in the price of seven types of green groceries in the USA at a regular interval of two years from 2002 to 2010 are shown in the given table.
As per the table, the price variation is visible for every vegetable except pumpkins, which remained constant throughout the given years ($1.2). The cost of a kilogram cabbage too maintained a near stable price ($1) The only  product which had a marked price hike was arrowroot , which ranged from  $2 in 2002 to $6 in 2010. Similarly, a steady price hike is seen in case of okra ($1  to $1.4) over this period.
On the other hand, the sole commodity which exhibited a drop in the price was eggplant , when a kilogram of the produce costed only  $1.8 in 2010, compared to  $2.5 in 2002. When the cost of onion per kilogram fell between  $1.2 and  $1.5,  this was between $2 and  $2.5 for tomato.
Overall, it is clear from the table that not many commodities tended to show a price drop over the given period except eggplant.
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