The bar chart below illustrates the use of tobacco products by secondary school students in the USA.

Jan 13, 2022 / Academic / 3:31 pm

Data regarding the proportion of secondary school students in the USA who use tobacco variants divided by their level of education is given in the bar chart.

Overall, it is clear that tobacco use is seen more among the high school students when compared to the middle school students.

As per the chart, out of the total 35% high school students who use tobacco, most smoke cigarettes, and this account for nearly 27%. A considerable proportion smokes cigars, and this goes up to 15%. In case of middle school students, out of 14% who are tobacco users, these proportions are recorded at 9 and 7% respectively.

It is to be noted that not many school students in America use the other four types of tobacco variants: smokeless, pipes, bidis and kreteks. When the average proportion of users of these among high school students accounts for nearly 10%, in case of the middle school students, it is just its half.

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