The bar chart below shows information regarding the attitudes of female population towards sports in specific places in the UK in 2019.

Mar 13, 2020 / Academic / 1:38 pm


The interests of the female population in the UK in 2019 are classified into two genres in the given table.

It is understood from the table that a considerable proportion of the women in the UK did regular sport and this is very visible in Bristol, Belfast, London and Leeds, with an average above 30. The rate of women who did regular sport ranged between 24 and 29 in Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester, whereas this was under 20 in Sheffield and Cardiff.

The proportion of women who considered sport as a career is seen higher in Manchester than in any other cities (16%). In Bristol, Leeds and Birmingham, the rate was not so far behind (13-14). Belfast recorded 11% women who related sport to job, whereas it stood less than 10% in other cities.

The highest recorded disparity between these two genres was in London (35 and 4%).

Overall, it is understood that Bristol was the city where most women population had affinity towards sport in the given year.

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