The bar graph below shows the museum attendance in Bingham and Morrisville in 1999.

Dec 16, 2021 / Academic / 1:58 pm

Information on the attendance to two specific museums: Bingham and Morrisville during four seasons in 1999 is depicted in the given bar chart.

Overall, it is clear that the volume of visitors was more to Bingham in all three seasons, except in the winter season.

As per the chart, the highest number of visitors ever recorded in the year was during summer, and that was to visit Bingham Museum. This accounted for 450,000, which was more than double the number of visitors to Morrisville (220,000). The second highest number of visitors to Bingham was during autumn, at 370,000. Here, the disparity between the numbers was 170,000. During spring too, there were more number of visitors to Bingham Museum. This was 200,000, when compared to 150,000 visitors who went to Morrisville Museum.

The exception was in winter, when the visitor number to Morrisville surpassed the people who visited Bingham. When Bingham recorded 320,000 attendees, the attendance at Morrisville was 80,000 more.

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