The chart below shows the results of a survey about people’s coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in five Australian cities

Aug 13, 2020 / Academic / 3:29 pm


A study on the buying and drinking habit of coffee and tea in five major cities in Australia during the past month is illustrated in the given bar graph.

As per the survey, it is clear that most of these city dwellers went to a café and had either tea or coffee in the past four weeks with an exception in case of Adelaide’s residents.

It is clear from the chart that, the habit of buying fresh and instant coffee was almost similar in both Sydney and Melbourne. When around 42 to 44% of their residents bought fresh coffee, the rate of those who bought instant coffee ranged between 45 and 48. However, most residents from these cities went to a café for coffee or tea (between 61 and 64%), which was almost similar to the city of Hobart’s.

Turning to the purchase of instant coffee in particular, a similar rate of residents of Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart had this habit (between 51 and 54%). It is to be noted that most Adelaide’s residents preferred this. Except in Hobart, the rate of those who had other two habits was seen comparatively less. Those who bought fresh coffee in these cities accounted for about 35%, while in Hobart, it was 3% more.