The diagram below shows how one particular company produces deep-fried salted peanuts.

Jan 15, 2020 / Academic / 7:33 am


Specific steps adopted by a particular company to produce deep-fried salted peanuts are sequenced in the given diagram.

Prior to the process of packing and transporting of peanuts to the company warehouse, the harvested peanuts are unshelled. The harvesting and unshelling are done manually and the unshelled peanuts are transported to the storage in packets of 50 kg. From the storage unit, these peanuts are sent for frying. The process lasts for about 5 minutes. Here, peanuts are undergone deep frying in oil at an optimum temperature of 190*C. The fried peanuts are distributed evenly in a cooling tray, to which desired amount of salt is added. After a specific period of cooling, these peanuts are packed in individual packets of different quantities (100g, 250 g, 500g and 1000g). These are then dispatched to shops and small vendors.

Overall, it is clear that the technique adopted by the particular company for the process is less complex in nature.

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