The diagram below shows the stages in the recycling of aluminium drinks cans.

Oct 12, 2021 / Academic / 5:54 pm

Various stages in the recycling process of aluminium drinks cans are illustrated in the given process diagram.

Overall, it is clear that the collection, transportation, recycling and reuse are the major steps involved in the process.

The first stage begins with the collection and segregation of used aluminium cans. These cans are safely transported via huge trucks to the factory, in which the recycling takes place. Once the cans reach the factory, they are collectively compressed into blocks, which are then molten.

In the subsequent step, this molten aluminium mixture is poured into moulds, which are then cooled. When cooled, the mixture transforms to rectangular-shaped new aluminium bars.Afterwards, these are pressed to thin aluminium rolls, from which new aluminium drinks cans are made.

The cans thus manufactured are filled with drinks, labelled and placed inside the drinks vending machine for sales. Once the customer uses the cans, the empty ones are thrown in the thrash and the process continues.

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