The diagram below shows the stages in the recycling of aluminium drinks cans.

Jan 15, 2020 / Academic / 7:11 am


Various stages involved in the recycling of aluminium drinks cans are picturized in sequence in the given diagram.

The cycle starts with the collection of used aluminium cans at a collection point from various destinations. The next step is transportation of this to a recycling centre via logistic services.

At the recycling plant, these cans are compressed and molten to change it into liquid form. The molten aluminum, which is free from impurities, is then converted into large aluminium bars, called ingots. Each ingot is rolled to thin sheets of aluminium sheets, and from these, new aluminum cans are manufactured. These cans vary in their size and shape, which can suit their purpose such as bottling beer or soft drinks. These packed cans are sent for sales and after individual consumption, the empty aluminum cans are deposited in the recycle bins, kept usually at individual homes and public places and the cycle continues.

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