The graph below shows unemployment rates and average earnings according to level of education

Feb 16, 2020 / Academic / 6:00 am


The rate of unemployed and typical weekly earnings as per the level of education in 2008 is depicted in the given bar charts.

As per the first chart, the proportion of people who were unemployed was higher among the less-educated. When 5.5% of people were unemployed among those who had the high school diploma as their highest qualification, it was 4.2% among those who went to some college, but did not posses any college degree. The proportion is seen less among those who had either a college or a graduate degree. Only a mere 1.2% graduates had no job, whereas the rate was 1.3% higher among those who just had a college degree.

In case of the earnings per week, these two groups had a clear upper hand with an aggregate of $2600. Of this, the graduates’ share was $1,500. The contribution of the other two groups was between $600 and $675.

Overall, it is clear that the higher the educational qualification was, the better their achievements were.