The line graph below shows the production of paper, wood pulp and sawn-wood in the UK from 1980 to 2000.

Feb 18, 2022 / Academic / 6:03 pm

The way in which the forest industry changed in the UK during a period of two decades from 1980 is depicted in the given line graph.

Overall, it is clear that the industry had faced a setback except in the case of paper and packaging.

As per the chart, the total production of the whole industry ranged from 500 to 600 million tonnes in 1980. Of this, paper and packaging stood first with about 235 million tonnes, which was closely followed by sawn-wood and wood pulp (200 and 170 million tonnes).

The quantity of production from sawn-wood and wood pulp saw a negative growth all through the 1980’s, and got levelled at 150 million tonnes by 1990. During this period, the production from paper and packaging industry grew steadily by almost 15 million tonnes. The growth of this industry was phenomenal in the next decade, when it could increase its production by exactly 100 million tonnes to hit a peak of 350 million tonnes. At the same time, the production figure of sawn-wood industry slumped further by another 25 million tonnes. The wood-pulp industry showed a revival during this decade, but could only improve its production by approximately 5 million tonnes.

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