The table below shows the production of potatoes, cabbage and onions in five countries in 2012.

Feb 18, 2021 / Academic / 3:25 am


Data regarding the quantity of production of three types of vegetables in five countries in 2012 is charted in the given table.

Overall, it is clear that China stood first in the table, with an exceptional record in potato production.

It is clear from the table that there were no competitor for China in case of the potato production. The quantity of potatoes accounted for 9214 Mt in China, when Ireland, the second most producer could produce only 72 Mt in 2012. Russia’s production hit only 30 million tonnes.

The case was different in case of cabbage production, when Russia could produce 2765 Mt cabbage, which were just 422 Mt less than China’s production. Spain was the country behind these two, with 200 Mt production.

When China and Russia occupied the first two positions in onion production with 2602 and 2039 million tonnes respectively, Brazil could produce 1417 Mt onions.

It is to be noted that when the average production was the lowest in Ireland, Spain produced the least quantity of potatoes and onions in 2012.