Aug 29, 2019 / Academic / 12:26 am


The classification of activities of the global population as per the result of a census is depicted in the given bar chart.

Out of the total 7 billion population, around 1.7 billion work in the service sector, and this is closely followed by people who are working in the agrarian sector. The disparity between the both is 0.3 billion.
Around 0.8 billion work as employees in various industries, whereas exactly half of their numbers run their own businesses. The number of people who are not engaged in any type of work accounts for 0.43 billion which is slightly more than the total number of entrepreneurs across the world.

It is also noted from the chart that there is a considerable proportion of people who are not engaged in any serious activities and it reaches up to a number of 2.5 billion (0-15 years and above 64 years).

Overall, it is clear that most of the world populations is engaged in some kind of activities.

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