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The bar chart shows the opinions of Australian students on whether different subjects were easy or difficult.

As can be seen in the chart, Maths was rated as difficult by the highest percentage of students. When nearly 70% of students rated it as difficult, a minority of 10% marked it as moderately difficult. Arts and Physics were judged as the complex subjects by around equal proportions of students (50%), with the former comparatively easy. A sound proportion of students reported that languages were moderately difficult, of which learning Oriental language was a bit harder. However, African languages were marked as easy by about 60% of students. The level of difficulty was the least in case of Chemistry, when a whopping 70% attested it is as an easy subject. When nearly 40% found languages easy, the rate of students who found other subjects (Physics, Maths and Arts) easy ranged as low as 20-30.

Overall, it is clear from the chart that Chemistry was the easiest among the subjects and African languages were easier between the languages for these students.

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