Jan 24, 2019 / Academic / 12:53 am



The pattern of purchasing of online tickets on concert, cinema, and theaterĀ in three different countries by a selected age group and how the interest was accessed over the first three months of 2018 are illustrated in the given bar charts.

As can be seen in the first chart, the rate of purchases for the age group 25-44 was almost the same in both the UK and Australia (56-57%), whereas in Malaysia, it was just under 40. Surprisingly, for the age group 65+, this percentage was very close in the UK and Malaysia (40%), whereas in Australia, the rate went slightly high (47%).

In terms of the most common means of access to purchase tickets, desktop computers were the favorite in all the three countries which ranged from 58 to 63%. Next came the laptop, with a close range of preference in both Australia and Malaysia (40-42%) while in the UK, it was preferred less (28%). The use of mobile phones for this purpose was the least popular among the modes, in all the three countries.

Overall, it is clear that online entertainment purchase was more common among the younger age group, and desktop was the most common access for the purchase in all the given countries.

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