Apr 09, 2019 / Academic / 4:47 pm


An illustration regarding the volume of android phone users in every million global population from 2016 to 2018 is drawn in the given bar chart.

As per the chart, an increasing trend is seen in the number of android phone users worldwide in these three years, irrespective of their socio-economic statuses. The least number of users was recorded in 2016 in all the countries, in which the most were from the developed countries. This accounted for 35,000 per million, which was more than four times the number of the fast developing countries, and 70 times more than the figure of moderately developed countries. There were only 250 android phone users in a million in the least developed countries in this year. When this number doubled in the next year, it quadrupled for the moderately developed regions. While the number in the developed countries surged by 30,000, 46,500 were the added number in the fast developing regions. By 2018, the former’s figure grew to just over 100,000, whereas the latter’s growth in the number was incredible, when it reached 300,500.

Overall, among all the regions which made a progress in the number of android phone users, the fast developing region’s growth was exceptional.

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