Jun 05, 2019 / Academic / 1:36 am


A statistical analysis on the number of deaths occurred worldwide due to aircraft accidents from 2010 to 2018 is portrayed in the given table.

As per the study conducted by Aviation Safety Network, Bloomberg, the highest number of aviation fatalities was reported between 2010 and 2014, which was over 2500. In 2010, over 900 deceased cases were recorded, followed by a declining trend in the figures in the next three years (from just over 500 to over 200 deaths). However, in 2014, the numbers soared to the second highest of the period (just under 700 deaths). In the next three years, the mortality rate is seen subsided, with only around 500 deaths. Of this, almost the half occurred in 2016. The least incidence of accidental deaths was also reported during this period, in 2017 (around 50), but the following year saw an unexpected leap in the numbers, marking itself as the third highest of the whole period (around 550 deaths).

Overall, though the number of aircraft deaths seems to be declining over the period, it hiked at regular intervals.

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