Jul 28, 2019 / Academic / 5:25 pm


Data regarding the volume of victims of domestic violence reported to the police in Canada in the year 2012 is depicted in the given bar graph.

As per the graph, females suffered the violence more than their male counterparts in all the age groups. This was more prominent between 15 and 44 age groups. Between the age group 25 and 34, 700 incidents were reported out of 100,000 population among females. This was 500 more than the male victims in the same age group. When the number of male victims was higher in both the preceding and succeeding age groups (250 and 225 respectively ),the number of reported incidents for females was lower(625 and 680 respectively ).The disparity between the male and female victims under 15 was just 100 per 0.1 million population. It is interesting to see the number of reported incidents declined as the age advanced particularly from 45 year mark in both genders.

Overall, it is clear that a reported incidents were generally seen higher among the younger age group in the given year.

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