Aug 27, 2020 / Cue Card / 2:42 am

trip with your friends that you enjoyed a lot
famous person from another country you would like to meet
quiz or game show
language other than English that you would like to learn
item you brought to your family or friends after a trip
time the internet helped you in your work or study

person that you have not met face to face but have talked to on the phone
someone you know hid the truth from you
person from work or a friend who helped you in your life or career
important event in your country
time you invited a friend to eat a meal with you
water sport that you want to try

favourite band or singer
garden or park in your town or city
something that is good for your health
time you gave advice to someone else
effigy in your town
prize that you would like to win
gift you presented to a friend on a special occasion
market in your city

time when your vehicle broke down
time that you received a telemarketing phone call in public
time when you had to change your plans
time you received false information
time when you found something that you lost
lecture that you attended

building that you like
comedy that made you laugh
person who you would like to meet
recent development in your city
webiste that you use frequently
teacher that you liked
subject you did not enjoy
poisonous plant you know

interesting place in your country
activity that you do when you are alone
family business that you know
person you wanted to be like when you were growing up
subject you did not like at school but are interested in now
classmate influenced you deeply
time you had to ask someone for advice regarding a decision
problem that you had with a piece of equipment
talkative person you know

person who can speak another language well
time that you heard a person you didn’t know on their phone
sport that you played in your childhood
something your borrowed from a friend or family member
special date in your country’s history
job that your grandparents did

place where you would like to travel
advertisment you watched and will not forget
game you enjoyed playing when you were younger
somethin you bought but never use
book you recently read
intelligent person that you know
person who helps other people
good law in your country

time you wanted to do something but didn’t have the time
time when you didn’t tell the complete truth
handsome or beautiful person you have met
person you know who is doing something to help the environment
place where you can study indoors or outdoors
family event that you attended

searched for something on the internet
person that you encouraged to accomplish something
piece of clothing that you really like
typical food that is eaten at special events in your country
time when you received bad service
ideal house to live in

thing that helps you get started working or studying
time when you got up very early in the morning
practical skill that you learned
book that you read recently
city that you think is beautiful

time when you intended to do something but did not have enough time
outdoor sport that you would like to try
interesting old person you know
time when you felt proud of a friend