Jun 20, 2019 / Academic / 4:19 pm


The way in which greenhouse gases trap the solar energy in the earth’s atmosphere is portrayed in the given diagram.

As shown in the diagram, human activities are held responsible for holding back a certain amount of the sun’s energy from radiating back to the space. Of this, felling of trees that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is seen to be the worst problem. This increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. An extra amount of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere from burning of fossil fuels via vehicles and other means. This worsens the situation further. A major proportion of the heat energy from the sun is radiated back to the space and some energy is reflected off atmosphere. However, this heat in a specific proportion is held back in the earth’s atmosphere by the greenhouse gases.

Overall,it is clear that the more the amount greenhouse gases, the more the amount of heat trapped in the atmosphere.

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