Jan 11, 2019 / Writing task 2 Strategies / 2:11 am


Completing university education is thought by some to be the best way to get a good job. On the other hand, others think that getting experience and developing soft skills are more important. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.


There are two views to be discussed. The first one is the recommendation of university education for a good job. We should focus on two areas here: ‘the best way and good job’. This gives us an idea that there are many such ways to get a good job and of those, a successful completion of university education is commonly believed as the best. You should also understand that many jobs are available in the job market, and the focus here is particular to a good job. You should not be subjective here as this may not be your opinion and so, our extraction of ideas should be objective.

The second view questions the first by placing experience and developing soft skills a degree above university education. So indirectly, the supporters of this view opine that a successful completion of university education is not the best way to get a good job. However, please note that they did not say that their view is the best. Therefore, they think there are many major ways to get a good job.

Now, our strategy is to visualize the situations, considering both the arguments. When we do this, examples can be generated, which can support both the views. When we select the examples, we should be careful in a way that they are to be balanced.


We should write at least two sentences in the introduction of this essay. The first one addresses the topic (two views). You can logically rephrase the arguments in a different way from the question presentation. In the second sentence, you are recommended to say both views are weighing almost equal and it is a hard task to find which view has more weight.

NOTE: Please do not write   ‘This essay is an approach…../ …….are discussed in this essay’. This shows repetition in the introduction itself. It is clear that your aim is to discuss both views in the ensuing paragraphs.

If your view recommends the second view, please present the second argument (experience and soft skills) in the second paragraph. In this situation, you need to present the first view (university education) in the first paragraph after the introduction. If you have an opposite approach, do exactly the opposite.

When you present both views in the paragraphs, make sure that they are not your opinions because you are asked to present your opinion at the end, after discussing both the views. Paragraphs can be presented in this way:  ‘Some people have this view…..because they think…..’ ……..further explanation……with examples……Conclude the paragraph. ‘Others, however, think that…….because……’ further explanation…..with examples….. Conclude the paragraph.

Another thing to be noted is that giving a little more importance to the view which you align to. This is to be done in the paragraph just before your opinion presentation. You can either combine your opinion and conclusion at the end or present it in two different paragraphs.

Do read the essay twice for any editing.