Few people devote time to hobbies nowadays. Say why do you think this is the case and what effect this has on the individual and society in general.

Aug 31, 2021 / General / 3:38 pm

Unlike the past, the number of people who are engaged in some hobbies is shrinking alarmingly. The main issues here are lack of time and interest. This would not only affect the individual, but also the society in a negative way.

The prominent attributing factor behind this change is ineffective time management. To be precise, most people these days are having hectic schedules and they find very less time to relax. In other words, not many can engage in some kinds of hobbies because they cannot prioritize their time well. To exemplify, many working people are seen quitting hobbies, which they have been engaging in since their childhood, and most of them complain this happens just because of insufficient time.

Lack of interest is another factor behind this transformation. To be clearer, in the past, many found hobbies as activities to engage their free-time and as a way of satisfaction. However, today, technology has opened numerous doors before man to relax, get engaged and entertained to satisfy their minds. To explain it further, modern man thinks that most traditional hobbies are outdated, and hence he turns his   attention towards activities like virtual reality games, which can give them a greater level of satisfaction.

When analyzing the individual consequences of this change, people are seen less enthusiastic and their intellectual abilities are seen arrested. Turning to its effect on the society, it seems that most people today are becoming introverts, selfish and emotionally numb when it comes to the social interaction. In short, in both cases, having no hobbies is not recommended at all.

To conclude, it is obvious that vast changes in the lifestyle and attitudes of modern man resulted in the declining number of people who pursue hobbies, and this transformation is not so good for both the individuals and the society.