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Information regarding both the conventional and modern technologies of plastic waste management is shown in the given process diagram.

As can be seen in the chart, there are two main methods of plastic waste management: conventional and modern. Under conventional method of treating plastic, the first way was recycling the plastic and making it reusable. Those types of plastics which were not fit for recycling were either incinerated or land filled.

Turning to the modern method of plastic waste management, the first option is making use of the plasma pyrolysis technology, which utilizes large fraction of electrons, ions and excited molecules together with high radiation for the decomposing of chemicals. The other three options are making it beneficial to humans in one way or the other. Of these, the first option is to extract liquid fuel from plastic. The other two are more eco-friendly, either to use in road construction or in cement kilns.

Overall, it is understood from the chart that more productive methods are seen in the modern methods of plastic waste management than the conventional one.

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