Jun 18, 2019 / General / 2:53 pm

You should spend around 20 minutes on this task.

You would like to buy some electrical goods at a shop in a nearby town. Write a letter to the shop and ask if they have the things you want or whether they will be able to order them. Ask what the prices are and how long they will be able to hold the goods for you.
Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.
Begin your letter as follows:
Dear Sir or Madam,

Dear Sir,

I am a new resident of the town and I am writing this letter to inquire about the availability of some electrical gadgets for purchase.

As I got my job transferred from my hometown which is far away,I need to purchase some electronic goods. Your shop name is very popular in the town and as per the information I got, I came to know you have most of the electronic products. I need a piece of TV, preferably a 40 inch LED and a fully automatic washing machine. I need to check the availability of a 380 liter double door refrigerator and a mixer grinder. As I am a teacher who deliver classes online, a LCD projector is an essential gadget for me. If not available at your shop, I would like to inquire about the provision of ordering it for my expected date of purchase by the first week of next month. I would also like to know whether you can hold these goods for me till that time.

I look forward for your prompt response along with an estimate.

Yours faithfully,

Word count:186