Mar 21, 2019 / General / 1:27 am

You should spend around 20 minutes on this task.
Your friend has asked you about the course details you recently took in a training centre.
In the letter, you should:
– Tell him about the course details
– Why your friend should take this course
– Explain how the course has benefited you.
You do NOT need to write any addresses.
Begin your letter as follows:
Dear …….,
Dear Lynda,
It was a pleasant surprise when I got your letter last week because it was quite a long time we had not contacted each other.
In your letter, you asked me some details about Marketing Strategies, the course which I took to upgrade myself in my profession. I completed the course successfully last month, at St. Sebastian Management School, which is located next to the city centre. It was a six month certificate course, and so, it was offered in the evenings too. The course fee was $250, which is quite affordable. They also provide online classes to those who can hardly be regular to the class and I admit, I have not much information about it.
As a marketing executive, I struggled a lot in my profession and at times, I failed to accomplish many of my goals. This course made me perform better at my job and within a month, I got promoted to the post of a senior executive. The reason why I strongly recommend the course for you is because the competition you are facing in your business is challenging, and may become more challenging in future.
I attest that this course will benefit you greatly.