Apr 04, 2019 / Academic / 2:14 am


An assessment on the level of satisfaction of a company’s employees in three different countries over an eight-year period from 2010 is portrayed in the given solid line graph.

As illustrated by the graph, the highest level of contentment was enjoyed by the company’s employees in Spain over this period. In 2010, this level was 60%, which was 10% higher than that of the employees of the same company in the UK and China. When this discrepancy looked static between Spain and the UK till 2013, it widened by nearly 25% between the former and China. The highest ever recorded level of satisfaction of the employees in the UK was in 2014 (70%), and this, however started reversing throughout the rest of the period. The condition is China was very similar to the UK’s during this period, when its employee satisfaction level touched a nadir of 10% in 2018, which was approximately 25% less than that of the latter. However, at this point, it became the maximum level for the employees of the company in Spain.

Overall, it is clear that the most favorable atmosphere for the company’s employees was in Spain, whereas this was the opposite in case of China, over this period.

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