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Fluctuations in the exports of a country over a decade from the year 2000 are drawn in the given line graph.

It is clear from the graph that the trend was fluctuating widely throughout the period. In the beginning, agricultural exports had a clear upper hand over the other types of exports. When the country recorded approximately 4.5 metric tons of agricultural goods exported in 2000, the industrial exports and other exports fell behind it with around 2.5 and 2 respectively. The year 2003 was the best for the country in case of its agro and other products’ exports (6 and 5 metric tons). After the initial set back in 2002, when the exports fell below 2 metric tons, the industrial exports made a consistent progress in the rest of the period, which became sharper towards the end. On the other hand, after 2003, the other two sectors’ exports started declining, of which the agricultural sector suffered more loss of exports. By 2010, this was just over a metric ton, which was almost 0.8 metric tons and around 6 metric tons lesser than the other exports and industrial exports respectively.

Overall, it is clear that after the initial years, the pattern of exports of the country showed a reverse trend till the end.

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