Apr 01, 2019 / Academic / 3:56 pm


A statistical analysis of the average number of male and female visitors to the Central library in a day is clearly drawn in the given line graph.

It is clear from the graph that the most number of visitors to the library are men, which becomes more prominent in the second part of the day. The average attendance is slightly higher in the initial hour (9.00 am) for the females (40), than their male counterparts (35). In the next couple of hours, this dominance fluctuates, initially in favor of men and later in favor of women. Both their numbers start plunging during this period, which continue for the next couple of hours (between 12.00 and 13.00 hours). This fall is sharper for men, when their visits fall from 50 in 10.00 am to nearly 5 by 12.00 pm. The pattern is almost similar in case of the female visitors. After, 13.00 hours, till 17.00 hours, both the genders’ number swells. By 17.00 hours, the ratio of the male and female attendance becomes 55:25. However, within an hour, this declines to 20:05.

Overall, it is clear that more women can be seen in the library before noon, than in the afternoon, when the number of male visitors generally hikes.

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