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Model answer:
The making of the chocolate chip cookies, in its stages is sequenced in the given flow chart.
Before the initiation of the process, the oven should be heated to an ideal temperature of 350 degree Fahrenheit. The process starts with the assimilation of all necessary ingredients in its sequence. The first four are vanilla, butter, egg and sugar. The next three solid ingredients are cookie flour, baking soda and salt. Milk, the only liquid component is added eventually and blending is ensured at its maximum by a vigorous mixing process.
After blending, the mixture is to be made into small rolls of equal quantity and then these rolls are flattened to desired shapes. Placement of these raw cookies into the oven is the next step. In the oven, these should remain for about 10 minutes, under appropriate temperature. A cooling period of 15 minutes is recommended immediately after the cookies are out of the oven, before it is served.
Overall, the chocolate chip cookie making is a systematic process, but simple in nature.
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