The charts below show information on cyber security threats and the privacy concerns in a particular country in the year 2018.

Oct 16, 2019 / Academic / 4:52 pm


A brief analysis on the internet security threats and the awareness of various organizations regarding the risks regarding the same are portrayed in the given charts.

As shown in the table, there was a huge disparity between the reported cyber security lapses and the alertness to the concerned persons. Out of the 2.7 million security lapse cases reported, only 0.8 million cases were alerted to the concerned persons. It was also reported that 7.86 million dollars were lost worldwide from persons who use the internet for his financial transactions.

Turning to the privacy concerns which are very closely related to the concerned organizations, most companies were very much aware of the situation. Only 8% of the organizations took action against this, whereas 20% of those identified the concerns. The surprising fact is that a whopping 72% of companies were well-aware of the situation, which made the threat alarming.

Overall, it is clear that the cyber security concern was severe in nature in the country in the particular year.

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