Apr 29, 2019 / Academic / 3:42 am


Information regarding the percentage of children employed in various sectors worldwide in 2011 is portrayed in the given pie chart.

As per the information gathered by laboureconomics, in 2011, most child labour was reported in the fields of agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing, which accounted for 70% of the total children employed. When wholesale and retail trade, restaurants and similar sectors employed less than a tenth of this total (8%), it was a per cent less in community, social and personal services. While around 4% of children were found employed in transport, storage and communication, only 2% of them worked in the construction areas. The least proportion of child labour was found in mining, which was merely a per cent of the total children employed worldwide.

Overall, it is clear that agriculture and related sectors employed the lion’s share of the children across the world, whereas the mining sector employed the least in the given year.

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