The pictures below show how tea is produced. They also illustrate the process of making a cup of tea.

Nov 08, 2019 / Academic / 5:40 pm


The chart given illustrates the production of tea and the method of preparing a cup of tea.

It is clear from the chart that India and China are the major contributors to the production of tea. Tea seeds are sown at suitable places in these countries and the tea plants grow as it receives the optimum sunshine. The tender tea leaves from these plants are collected in baskets and dried under the sun. These dried leaves are then packed into boxes, transported and delivered to supermarkets, from where customers buy it.

In the first stage of preparing a cup of tea, water is boiled in a kettle. This boiled water is transferred to a cup with a tea bag inside. The cup of tea is ready in two minutes, and for those who prefer milk or sugar, can add it and can enjoy the cup of tea.

Overall, it is clear though the process involves numerous steps, it has no complex procedures.