Jul 31, 2019 / Academic / 3:53 pm

The given illustration shows the method of setting up an individual water clock.

Of the seven steps in the whole process, in the first stage, water is collected in the plastic bottle, which is taped at the top part of the stand. As the water fills the bottle, with the help of any finger,the small hole at the bottom is to be covered. This allows water move upwards and fill the bottle. The straw, which is glued to the bottle at a level at its top side helps it to maintain a constant level of water in the bottle. In the fifth step, the finger is made free from the hole and the water is allowed to drop into the second bottle, with an open neck placed at the bottom of the stand. On this bottle, during this process, the levels are marked every minute. The bottle is emptied when it becomes full and the process continues for timing things.

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