The diagram below shows the water cycle, which is the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the earth.

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The continuous movement of water on,above and below the surface of the earth,which is popularly known as”water cycle” is illustrated in the given diagram.

Of the three main stages in the process, the first is evaporation of water, which results in cloud formation.In this step, with the assistance of solar energy, water is evaporated into the earth’s atmosphere.Around 80% of the evaporated water is from the ocean and the rest from the land (lakes and snow). This water vapor condenses at a certain altitude in the atmosphere. As it cools further, it is termed as ‘clouds’, and when it becomes thicker and heavier, precipitation occurs and may fall either as snow or as rain on the earth’s surface.In the final step, the surface run off reaches the ocean either directly or via ground water channels without reaching impervious layer. Salt water intrusion takes place at ocean mouths, where water from the ocean moves to the freshwater aquifers and then connects back to the ocean.The cycle continues with evaporation.

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