Speaking full script ( January 2019) Q2

Jan 16, 2019 / Full Script / 3:20 pm



The examiner will ask you some questions about yourself.


  • Do you think it is important to share?
  • What kind of things you usually share with your friends?
  • Do your parents encourage you to share?
  • Is there any recommended restriction on sharing?


The examiner will then ask you some questions about other topics, for example:


Now let’s talk about success.


  • What is success in your opinion?
  • Can anyone become successful in his/her life?
  • What contributing factors are vital in making a person successful?
  • Do people in your country are generally successful?
  • How could a person increase his/her success rate?




The examiner will give you a topic on a card and ask you to talk about 1-2 min. Before you talk , you are availed with a minute to plan on what you are going to say. A paper and a pencil are also provided so that you can make notes if you want to.


Talk about an occasion when you felt proud of your friend


You should say:

When it happened?

Where it happened?

How it happened?

Why do you remember it still?


The examiner may ask you one or two more questions when you have finished, for example:


When do people generally feel proud of their dear ones?




The examiner will then ask you some more general questions which follow on from the topic in part 2.


  • Do you think success brings happy always?
  • Do you think the success should make people proud?
  • Do you think positive social relationships affect success?
  • In your opinion what are the roles of opportunity and hard work in making a person successful? Why?