Jul 11, 2019 / Academic / 3:58 pm


A statistical comparison of the number of native speakers of six prominent global languages and their additional number of speakers is tabulated in the given chart.

As per the table, most number of native speakers are there for Mandarin Chinese(900 million), whereas the most number of additional speakers of a particular language is there for English (603 million). An additional 190 million speakers make the former language the most spoken language in the world(1,090). English enjoys the second position with an aggregate of 942 million global speakers. Between these two languages stand Hindi and Spanish, with an average of 360 million native speakers and 95 million additional speakers. The least popular languages in the chart are Arabic and Portuguese (206 and 203 million respectively). Arabic also has 14 million additional speakers than Portuguese language.

Overall, it is clear from the table that the popularity of Mandarin Chinese and English is exceptional compared to other languages in the list.

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