The table below shows the spending on tourism by different countries in 1999.

Mar 14, 2019 / Academic / 5:39 pm


Information regarding the highest spending countries in the sector of tourism in 1999 is depicted in the given table.

As per the table, both America and Germany channeled a higher amount of money into the sector, of which the former spent 5.3 billion USD than the latter. Japan, the third in the list, spent about $33 billion on the industry, which was far behind Germany’s spending (46.2 billion USD).The UK invested $5.3 billion less than Japan, which was as same as the pattern of difference in the spending between the top two countries.

In case of Italy and France, expending on this industry was almost the same (around US$16 billion). Other countries in the table collectively spent about $52.71 billion on this sector, of which the most was spent by Canada ($11.3 billion), whereas the least was by India ($10.01 billion).

Overall, it is clear that the pattern of expenditure of the first four nations was exceptional than the rest.

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