Jul 09, 2019 / Academic / 4:12 pm


Data regarding three aspects of underground railway systems in six different cities is depicted in the table.

It is clear from the table, London has the longest underground railway system and it is the oldest. However, it is behind Tokyo (1927 million) and Paris (1191 million) in case of the number of passengers per year. The Paris underground railway system which was opened 27 years after the opening of London underground railway system in 1863 is 199 kilometers long, whereas Tokyo’s system is 44 kilometers less lengthy. Exactly after 113 years of London underground railway system’s opening, the system came to Washington DC, but in case of the route length, it is 268 kilometers behind. The system in Kyoto was inaugurated five years later and the newest system is Los Angeles'(2001). Both these systems are less-preferred by passengers and kilometers of route is also comparatively less than the other systems.

Overall, it is understood that all three aspects of these underground railway systems have visible variations.

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