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The difference in the pattern of listening to music between the men and women in Paris is illustrated in the table.

As evident from the table, the most striking feature is that the rate of men in the city of Paris is more interested in music than the rate of women. The highest rate is 84 for men, who are interested in listening to music via smart phones, while with regard to the same type of gadgets for women, the proportion is 82. The rate of male live music listeners is 65, whereas this is only 57 in case of the male internet music listeners. However, the disparity between both genders in case of music listening via internet is 10% greater than live music listening. The disparity rate between both genders is zero in case of enjoying music on MP3-players.

Turning to the pie chart, the lion share (85%) of the music preference went for recordings in 2002, whereas only 12% preferred live music.

Overall, it is clear that males dominate females in their interest towards music and the study reveals that recorded music was preferred to live music in Paris.

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