Technology Vocabulary

Jul 25, 2020 / Vocabulary / 4:18 pm

Labour saving device – An appliance that saves work
Not rocket science – It is not very difficult
Online piracy – The downloading of licenced media without payment
Re-install the programs – To put computer programs back onto the computer

Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT Payment via the Internet
Emerging technology – Brand new machines and software
Glued to the screen – Unable or unwilling to leave the digital device
Access to the Internet – Able to connect to the Internet

State of the art technology – The best technology available
Surfing the web – To move from one site to another on the Internet
To click on an icon – To use the mouse to click on the pictures to get into programs
Computer literate – Adequate knowledge of a computer

Control remotely – To control technology from a distance
Downloading from the Internet – Take data off one computer to another via the Internet
Internet of Things – A network connecting machines in a location so that they can be remotely controlled
Internet-enabled – Machines or appliances that have Internet access

Hacking into the network – To gain illegal access to the computer
Internet access – The ability to enter the Internet
Become rapidly obsolete – Quickly become out of date

Keep a hard copy – Keep a paper copy
To crash – To stop working suddenly

To Log in – To sign onto the computer
Shop online – Shop via the Internet
Advances in technology – Progressive forward movement in technology

Back up your files – To save your data to another device
To upgrade your computer system – To get a larger, quicker or more modern computer
Wireless hotspots – A location where the Internet is available

Shut down – Turn the computer off
Social media networks – Online platforms for communication between people and organisations