The bar chart below gives information on the number of different nationalities who stayed longer than their legally authorized admission in the US in 2016.

Apr 20, 2021 / Academic / 1:45 am


A statistical account of the illegal stay of different nationalities in the US in 2016 published by Department of Homeland Security is depicted in the bar chart.

Overall, it is clear that of the considerable proportion of illegal stay by various nationalities, Canadians contributed the highest.

As per the chart, the number of Canadians who overstayed in the US was 1, 24,400, which was far more than any other nationalities. It was 79,500 more than the number of Mexicans and 84,900 more than the number of Brazilians who remained in the US illegally in the year.

The number of the people from the UK and Venezuela who stayed longer in America was almost similar, when the Venezuelan number was 300 more than the UK’s (23,500).

Chinese and the Cambodian nationalities also showed a similar pattern, and here the variance is just 100 in number (19,600 and 19,500 respectively). However, a wider disparity is seen in the number of Germans and Indians who made longer stay in the US. When 20,200 German citizens overstayed, the volume of Indians was just 17,800.

Of the given nationalities, only 16,400 Italians overstayed their legally authorized admission, which was the least in 2016.

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