The bar chart below shows a survey of a group of young professionals aged 20-30 years who were asked to state which factors motivated them to succeed.

Sep 08, 2022 / Academic / 2:00 pm


The survey result on how various factors motivated people between the age group 20 and 30 to become successful  is depicted in the given bar chart.

Overall, it is clear that, of these eleven factors, personal factors persuaded them more than external factors to embrace success.

Of the personal factors, personal satisfaction and ambition were reported as the major influencing factors of success. When 80% of the people stated these are the factors which made them successful, the rates of those who pointed at money and desire for material things as determining factors were 50 and 45 respectively.

Negative personal factors including fear of failure, envy, feeling of inadequacy and rivalry also were reported as significant reasons for a successful life. While half the proportion of people stated rivalry as a core factor, other factors were not as significant as it was.

Turning to the external factors, the most pressing factor was family pressure. When about 70% stated this as the key factor which made them successful, social pressure and peer pressure were seen as determining factors of success by 60 and 45% respectively.

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