The bar chart below shows information on the habit of smoking in the UK by age and gender.

Feb 01, 2021 / Academic / 5:23 pm


A study result on the habit of smoking in the UK divided by age and gender is depicted in the given bar chart.

Overall, it is clear that, except in case of the youngest age group, age and the habit of smoking in the UK are inversely proportional.

As per the chart, most habitual smokers in the UK are young adults, in their 20s and the in their early 30s.
The statistics shows that just over a third of the young men in the UK smoke at this age (35%), whereas in case of females, it is around 30.

Around a quarter of adolescent smokers are there in the UK. Interestingly, the female proportion is slightly higher in this age group (26%), which makes the group different from the others.

When it comes to the 35-49 age group, the rate of male smokers stands at 30, which is just 4% higher than the females. The disparity between the male and female smokers of the next two age groups (50-59 and 60+) is 3 and 2% respectively. When 25% of the males smoke in the former group, the study shows there are only 14% male smokers in the oldest age group.

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